Jack & Allison

May 30, 2015

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Jack and Allison

For two people who have spent the last decade coding, it’s funny to think that their first encounter was in a chemistry class. During the spring semester of 2008 at Carnegie Mellon University, Jack would slog to “Intro to Modern Chemistry” every week and wander to the back of the room. In between the boring lectures he noticed a pretty girl sitting a few rows in front of him carrying a Phantom of the Opera bag.

Several months later, fortune would bring them together when Allison joined the board of Awareness of Roots in Chinese Culture (ARCC), a Chinese cultural club. It was the first meeting of the year and Allison was running late. She quietly snuck into the meeting room and found only one seat open. As usual, nobody seemed to want to sit next to Jack. Allison, being a new member, was none the wiser.

From here the two talked for the first time. The terribly interesting topic: How to hand your resume to recruiters at a job fair. After a series of ARCC dumpling nights and chance encounters in the computer lab, a very peculiar thing happened. The pair was chatting on AOL Instant Messenger when Jack asked Allison if she had eaten dinner yet. She replied with a confused “No” and hasty plans were made.

It was Lulu’s Noodles that would play host to the future couple’s first date. While the food was less than spectacular, Allison ended the meal with a fortune cookie that would change her life forever: Accept the next proposition you hear. With the blessing of the fortune cookie gods and a nervous smile, Jack made a proposition and Allison accepted.

For the following two years, the couple enjoyed their time together bouncing amongst classes, ARCC events, and company info sessions with free pizza. Along the way, Jack decided to run the yearly ARCC cultural show with Allison as his secretary. Everything was going perfectly until the 2010 graduation came along and forced Jack to get a job in California. In the meantime, Allison still had her senior year to finish in Pittsburgh.

Thus began a one year stretch where Allison and Jack would talk on the phone a lot and tell each other what they had for lunch. Allison decided she would also try her hand at running the ARCC cultural show and Jack had a surprise for her at the end. Although 2,500 miles separated them, their love remained true.

Luckily, all the tech companies in the world are in the San Francisco Bay Area and no interview questions could keep such a powerful love apart. Allison found a job in 2011 and the couple was finally united under one roof. It was then when they decided to invite two tiny balls of fur into their lives.

Dragon is the spoiled baby of the family. As a kitten she was an adorable and loving companion and as she grew, she produced a never ending gallery of cute cat pictures. Jokulhaups was a tiny, destructive force that never seemed short of energy. As he grew, both in age and in size, he settled into a grumpy old man who opens doors and sulks under tables.

The family of four enjoyed their daily lives until Jack got bored at work. In 2012, he moved to a mobile game company called Storm8. He was enjoying himself so much that seven months and one referral bonus later, Allison also joined Storm8. Together, they work late into the night shipping games and having a blast doing it.

Everything was going fine and dandy until an innocuous Tuesday night in 2013 when Allison attended a piano concert in San Francisco. Little did she know that the true show was waiting for her at home. As she walked through her apartment door she was greeted by a ravishing young lad with a bouquet of flowers. He slowly escorted her to a piano to play and sing a touching love song he wrote. As the melody subsided (with only one or two mistakes), he took to his knee and said a bunch of stuff. tldr Allison said yes.

Piggy and Emo Piggy

In 2009, Piggy was one of the most famous and sought-after piggy models in the business. He was constantly seen on the cover of Piggy Weekly and Piggy Insider. Piggypolitan listed him as one of the top 10 best-looking male piggies of all time. Life moved fast and Piggy found himself never having time to truly enjoy himself.

Emo Piggy was a quiet software developer who worked at a small company called Piggy PaintTM. She generally spent her evenings at home watching movies and reading books. While she was happy and content, she yearned to meet a boy piggy.

Everything changed on an uninteresting winter night in Shadyside. The couple bumped into each other at a little boutique store called Shop Kawaii. Piggy couldn't help but notice how round and circular Emo Piggy was. Emo Piggy was smitten by how white Piggy's fur was. Several weeks later, Emo Piggy received an exciting letter in the mail and the two have been a couple ever since.

Shortly after, Baby Piggy and Baby Emo Piggy were added to the family, bringing with them the excitement of parenthood. As the babies grew, their constant enthusiasm became too much for the young parents to handle. It was here that Emo Piggy Two joined to be the family babysitter. Each day, she would help to keep the babies under control as they jumped and bounced about the house.

Eventually, Piggy grew too old and grey to model any more and retired. Together he and Emo Piggy stayed home to take care of the babies while Emo Piggy Two went off to college. She developed a love for Chemisty and graduated with top honors. She had a dream to design her own line of piggy shampoos. Together with her college friend Pink Piggy, she designed a very special shampoo formula that resulted in super soft fur and a bright, smooth complexion.

As she struggled to get funding for her business, she met a very large and successful business piggy. Big Piggy was one of the founders of PiggyBook and a gifted entrepreneur. The two hit it off immediately and began dating. With help from Big Piggy, Emo Piggy Two Shampoos took off and became one of the largest piggy shampoo manufacturers in the world.

Today, all the piggies reside together in Big Piggy Towers One. They spend their days relaxing and enjoying life while mooching off of Big Piggy's enormous wealth.




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Wedding Info


May 30, 2015
Ceremony begins at 5:00pm. Reception to follow.

Hakone Estate and Gardens
21000 Big Basin Way
Saratoga, CA 95070
Phone: 408-741-4994
Free parking available

The dress code is semi-formal, however please note that the ceremony and reception will be held outdoors in the garden. We recommend preparing some protection from the sun and dressing in layers in case it gets colder in the evening.

The entire Hakone Gardens is open to guests during the reception. Please feel free to walk about and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


The Cypress Hotel
10050 S De Anza Blvd
Cupertino, CA 95014

We have reserved a set of discounted rooms for Friday, May 29 and Saturday, May 30. These are really good rates for one of the nicest hotels in the area. Unless you're tied to a specific hotel chain, you should use this place. You won't regret it.

To receive the discount, please book using this link or enter 11240022959 into the Meeting/Group Code. You can also book by calling (866) 408-0704 and mentioning the Ko & Cheung wedding. All reservations must be made by Tuesday, April 28, 2015.

If there are no available rooms remaining, please contact us and we'll try to get more rooms.


We thank you for attending our wedding. As much as we need a new waffle iron or another poop pillow, we would greatly appreciate cash instead.

Thank you,
Jack and Allison

Things To Do


Pier 39 (Fisherman's Wharf)

Pier 39 is one of the main attractions of San Francisco and the first place you should visit if you have a chance to go to the city. As you walk along the pier, you will find a myriad of street performers, glass-bottom boat tours and sea lions. Be sure to visit the Boudin Bakery and get a sourdough bread bowl with clam chowder. You can buy a fresh, whole dungeness crab from a street vendor and eat it on the spot. For the less adventurous, we recommend you try the Crab House At Pier 39.

Musée Mécanique (Fisherman’s Wharf)

While you’re visiting Pier 39, try to make a quick stop at Musée Mécanique, to experience the antique arcade machines. You’ll find intricate, coin-operated marionette displays and classic arcade games.

Ghiradelli’s (Fisherman’s Wharf)

A short walk from Pier 39, you can indulge at Ghiradelli’s, a classic San Francisco chocolate shop. From bars of chocolate to decadent hot fudge sundaes, this is a sweet and delicious way to end your day at the wharf.

Napa Valley

If you have the time, try to take a day trip to Napa Valley. About a two-and-a-half hour drive away, Napa Valley is home to world famous wineries and Michelin-star rated restaurants. A great thing to do is to drive up early and head over to the V. Sattui Winery. Here you can buy an assortment of fresh meat, cheese, wine and bread and have lunch amongst their picnic tables. Be sure to check out the magnificent castle at Castello di Amorosa and grab some more wine to take home.

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

When people visit the Bay Area, they are most surprised by the beaches. Northern California beaches tend to be windy and impossible to swim in without an extreme tolerance for the cold. However, the Santa Cruz Boardwalk provides a great alternative and is only a one-hour drive south of the Bay. Here you will find a warm and sunny beach encompassed by a boardwalk filled with midway games, roller coasters and delicious (and unhealthy) carnival food.


Get your mini golf on at Golfland. Tons of fun for the whole family and some of the best arcade machines in the area.


Lobster Shack

If you’re around Redwood City, be sure to stop at the Lobster Shack and grab yourself a lobster roll. There tends to be a long line but it’s worth the wait.

Palace BBQ

All-you-can-eat Korean BBQ at its finest. Palace BBQ is my go-to restaurant when I want to eat galbi. You grab raw, marinated meat from the buffet and grill it at your table. Make sure to arrive hungry and expect to leave smelling like BBQ for the rest of the night.


Dishdash is the place Allison makes us go whenever we end up in Sunnyvale. Get the Mansaf, a lamb in yogurt sauce. You will not regret it.

The Refuge

Craft beers and pastrami. If you like either of these, you need to check out The Refuge in San Carlos or Menlo Park. You will never eat another reuben sandwich as good as the ones you find here.


You need to be very quiet if you want to visit this speakeasy bar. singlebarrel is a hidden gem of San Jose and a great place to get beautiful, exotic cocktails. Once inside, tell the bartender your preferences and they’ll whip up a custom drink to suit your tastes. Just be wary, they take their speakeasy theme very seriously and have some strict rules about noise and group sizes. Be warned.

Edit: We learned that singlebarrel’s last day will 5/31/2015. They will reopen several weeks later as Haberdasher.

Cupertino Village and Milpitas Square

If you are in the mood for Chinese food, you will need to visit either Cupertino Village or Milpitas Square. Both of these plazas are a heaven for great Chinese food of all styles. Also, both of these places house Fantasia, our favorite bubble tea.

Koi Palace

Hands down the best dim sum in the Bay Area. Koi Palace has great food but unless you get there right as it opens, expect to wait at least an hour or more.

Orenchi Ramen

Michelin-recommended ramen but a huge wait. All the good ramen places in the Bay Area boast 1-2 hour waits but Orenchi is the best.

Sushi Sam’s

The first time we went to Sushi Sam’s we tried the Omakase or “Chef’s Choice”. Since then, we’ve gone another five times to get it over and over again. You get a delicious variety of exotic, high-quality fish at a relatively reasonable price.


As you walk into Honeyberry, you’ll smell the most amazing aroma. We used to live across the street from one of these and every time I saw it, I had to stop by and get a Roti Bun. Check it out in Santa Clara.


This is the burger joint that everyone tells you to go to while in California. You’ll find them all over the place and if you try it, grab a Double Double with onions. If you want to experiment, you can take a stab at their secret menu and taste their Animal Fries. Personally though, I find the Habit, another California burger chain, to be a superior option.

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